About the IMAGEN Brands promoXperience

In November of 2017 IMAGEN Brands sponsored the inaugural "promoXperience" at the Ragnar Trail Relay hosted at McDowell Mountain, Arizona.

Seven brave souls joined team captain, Dana Zezzo, VP of Sales & Marketing for IMAGEN Brands, for a two-day trail relay in the desert while field-testing products from Crown Products and Vitronic Promotional Group. The team was also outfitted with apparel provided by S&S Activewear.

In their effort to host an industry networking event "away from the bars and boardrooms", the eight members of the IMAGEN Brands "swag warriors" team ran 124 miles over the course of nearly 22 hours while testing everything from drinkware to headwear to apparel to camping equipment.

The products they used are featured below (and, we're told, passed the rigors of trail running in the desert (and at night) with flying colors). Check em' out and hit up your Crown, Vitronic or S&S rep to order any of the products below.

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Thanks to IMAGEN Brands for hosting this epic event!


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